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Dream "Man's" Stage: First Review: Convienant Journey

October 8th, 2008, 8:38 am

Average Rating: 4.00
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Author's Comments:

Reply Terminal Devastation, October 8th, 2008, 8:46 am

A few notes about the reviews. I find it easier to adress them to the author. Also the actual review is here in the comments. And no I didn't make the stuff in the windows and yes I have permission to do so.
Also note that most of them are from DD, for now.

First review:

Convienant Journey
This is one of those growing comics, As the panels show, the comic has improved graphically over time. The story has also grown better, although very slowly grown better. It still is suffering from misuse of godmoddery and Duex Ex machina. The plot is pretty solid, if one pays attention. The Ultimate form is indeed, an ultimate form (One exception to that occured during... Well I won't spoil it), as it doesn't show up or get upgraded. Rather new still powerful forms show up at just the right time always (This is the over use of Duex Ex Machina). But the plot is consistant (Well after the downright silliness ends at the begining). You hit a pet peeve of mine a few times (Megaman sorta addressed this with the Mechagodzilla comment. I dislike when charector's strength's in battles are misrepresented, even if my favorite wins because of it.) but thats just my opinion on that one. Hey I still favorited it though. (And still read it too, and its not because of the crossover either.) Also the music was a great idea. (Kinda wish I was able to do that...) I also admire your guts to take out an annoying disser of you comic in a comical battle.

Graphically it improved by leaps and bounds and frankly you're a decent spriter, as shown by the gundam sprites. And before someone says something, please note, I find recolors acceptible as long as they are exactly what the author intends the charector to look like (or has a definite plot reason, Like Omega and zero had) and they are recolored well.
All in all, I rather like the comic. And the humor is ranges from decent to pretty great. The hero banters well. So at least dialog wise you've got a good thing going.

Now for a few tips on how to improve. (other comicers should pay attention here too, you may learn something)
Plotwise, this comic tends to not have any real challenges for the main charector, aka bad use of Godmoddery. I'll say it now, Godmoddery can make a comic more enjoyable if done correctly. But you just can't own everything everytime, with a new power/form. Although you do reuse powers/forms so you're not as bad as some in that respect. But if you're going to have a strong hero you need a villain that can challenge him. For the record, Zero's not that strong in the games. He's skilled and adaptible. Your hero shows potential for this kind of fighting (he switchs modes to suit his opponent). Barely out skilling an opponent is more fun to read than just overowering him/her. It makes one wonder what will happen next, and right before the final plan is inacted, one thinks this is going to be sweet. Suspense is almost always good.
Now as for the proper use of godmoddery, Only godmod at the end of a climatic battle, unless against a loser villian (The team rocket of the comic). Also Feel free to Godmod the living daylights out of villains. The stronger the bad guy the more fun it is to take him down a few thousand notchs, but it only works if the hero is weaker in power.
As I said earlier, Your a decent spriter, you either need time or guidance to become a great one. Your Gundam sprites show you can edit quite well. And you can recolor well. To be blunt, you have some contrast problems (Which is hard for everyone) which makes the shading appear worse than it actually is.

Final tip: If you decide to disregard all the other advice, at least heed this one: This is your comic, and you should do things your way. Don't end it because of what others say. Applying advice can just help you improve your own way (Except end the comic. Heres a BFG9000 to kill that advice with) but feel free to tactfully disregard it. And Have fun with it.

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